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Indian Convent School


Fully equipped laboratories to teach the essential concepts of the sciences – Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The practical aspects of these subjects will be further enhanced by taking all that is taught in the classrooms to the experiment stage here.


Every child will have access to a computer where all lessons will be controlled through a teacher’s console. The students will be taught to effectively navigate the internet and all it offers to further facilitate classroom learning. This will not only help them with research work in conjunction with their lessons, it will also assist them in using computers to their advantage in academics.


The fear of Mathematics stands to be a thing of the past as the school brings Mathematics and its concepts out of the books and into the lab. The children will learn through experiment, use of everyday objects and exploration of the subject through the appropriate use of colour, touch and sound. The technologically advanced lab will enhance the logic and reasoning skills.


The use and importance of English as ones passport to the world is poised for growth and will never wane. Smart solutions and comprehensive software’s bring ease into the learning of the four essential skills of the language- listening, speaking, reading and writing. This lab is set to buzz with activity as children learn to speak, plan and deliberate through the medium of English.