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Indian Convent School

Our Facilities

The school campus and facilities have been specifically designed to enhance teaching and learning, providing a bright, well-resourced and motivational environment for our students.


The right learning environment is a key to the success of Indian Convent School and each spacious classroom is light and well resourced. ICT equipment is readily available and well integrated within classrooms, an interactive whiteboard and projector offers excellent teaching resources.

The Library

Our library contains an extensive range of books, grouped according to age and ability, to which all children have access. Weekly library sessions offer children the opportunity to select books, learn library skills and etiquette, thereby installing in them a healthy habit of reading and book appreciation.

Sports Hall

A large, temperature-controlled sports hall allows for a year-round PE programme at Indian Convent School. Basketball, badminton, volleyball and short tennis are some of the many activities on offer.

Main Hall

Our main hall, with purpose-built stage and integrated sound and lighting, is used throughout the year by students and visiting performers for year group assemblies and performances. The PE department also use the space for dance and gymnastics, as do external partners in the evenings.

Swimming Pool (Proposed)

The fully shaded 25-metre swimming pool and infant learning pool are heated in the cooler months and chilled in the warmer months allowing curriculum swimming lessons, Swimming Development Programme and Swim Squads to continue all year round.

Synthetic Turf Areas

An all-weather synthetic turf pitch is used year round for all sports activities including football, rugby, hockey, cricket and athletics.

Tennis Court

The tennis court is a “hard” court fully shaded and is also used for basketball, netball and volleyball

Foundation Stage Free-Flow Areas

The children in Foundation Stage follow a Free-flow approach to learning as part of the Early Year Foundation Stage curriculum. This involves the children having access to indoor and outdoor play, in turn. During Free-flow, all staff are involved in monitoring and assessing children’s progress. Observations, photographs and examples of work are used to provide evidence of the learning that is taking place.

Indoor Area:

The indoor areas are always set up with quality, stimulating, age-appropriate resources. Children are free to choose from these areas throughout the day. This ‘free-flow’ play allows children to make their own choices and follow their own interests, which is more beneficial to children’s learning than them simply being instructed what to do.

Outdoor Area:

The outdoor environment will be a mirror image of the indoors, whilst also offering opportunities for learning to happen in different ways and on different scales. Children have the freedom to explore, use their senses and be physically active. Being outdoors has a positive impact on children’s sense of well-being and supports development in all areas of learning.


Our ‘Quiet Garden’ provides a peaceful green space in the centre of school, offering a quiet haven for students during break times.

School Transport

Buses are available for transporting students to and from school. Further information about this service can be gotten from School Reception.

Drinking Water

Drinking fountains are located in various locations throughout the school, ensuring that children have easy access to cool and clean water throughout the day.